Put a Cantaloupe on it. Our sweet affair with rye.

What do you do when it’s 100˚+ ? Make deliciously refreshing cocktails!
Put a cantaloupe on it
Put a cantaloupe on it

Place your large ice cube in a glass of your choice. Pour 1.5 ounces of Redemption Rye to begin the refreshing cocktail creation process. Chop up some cantaloupe in small cubes and toss them in the rye so they start soaking up the goods! Fill your glass with Angry Orchard apple ginger cider and stir away with a Whiskey Wood stirring stick (adds a nice smoky flavor!). Slice up a cute decorative piece of cantaloupe for the edge of the glass/extra snack. Cut a tiny slice in the fruity side of your sliced cantaloupe decoration and slide on edge of glass. Enjoy!

*pro tip – you can use your stirring stick to skewer the cubed cantaloupe out for an additional whiskey-soaked snack!

As true whiskey fans, we enjoy drinking rye whiskey almost as much as bourbon. Our loyalty to bourbon runs through and through, but there’s nothing wrong with branching out every once in a while!