Bourbon Apple Cooler, anyone?

Even though we are not in the depths of summer, we declare it time to start busting out the coolers and fruity cocktails!

If you haven’t tried a iced drink with fruit, it is simply refreshing all  you need is a good cooler from the best coolers and ice chests you can get online. Just like sangria or a berry mojito, bourbon cocktails can be light and refreshing with fruit on top!

Here is our recipe for an Apple Cooler:

– fill a shaker half with ice

– pour in 3 shots of Maker’s Mark bourbon

– fill the rest of the shaker with apple juice

– shake and strain into two glasses

– add a few drops of lemon bitters and a bourbon-soaked cherry

– add your favorite apple slices to the drink

-serve chilled!

The beautiful blend of bourbon, apple and bitters keeps this drink light and not too sweet! Hope you enjoy our very own Apple Cooler some time this summer!


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